Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions

1 General Provisions

1.1 The following General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements, services, orders and deliveries between Bumperworld and the customer. Unless Bumperworld has given its explicit content, no other Terms and Conditions shall be accepted.

1.2 Bumperworld reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions and the content of the website.

2 Offers and Agreements

2.1 Information about products (and attached prices) will be provided by Bumperworld. Content and offers on the website shall not constitute an offer in the legal sense. They shall only be regarded as a request to the customer to place a purchase order.

2.2 An agreement shall only materialise upon Bumperworlds written acknowledgement of the order of the customer. To acknowledge the agreement Bumperworld will send an acknowledgement mail to the customer. 

2.3 If necessary, Bumperworld shall contact the customer about the order by phone or email, before handling an order. Bumperworld reserves the right to decline any order without stating reasons.

2.4 The customer can order the products offered by Bumperworld at the website and obtain them in Sevenem as before agreed. The customer should pay cash. The customer can also have the order delivered, after Bumperworld has received accurate payment.

2.5  If a product is not in stock, Bumperworld shall contact the customer to notify about the time of delivery within a few days. If the customer agrees, the order will be processed. 
If the customer disagrees with the time of delivery, Bumperworld will redeposit the already payed amount within 14 days.

3. Prices and Payments

3.1 In principle, the prices quoted in the order acknowledgement for the ordered products on the website will apply, unless there are obvious misprints or typographical errors involved. Possible inaccuracies can also be corrected by Bumperworld after sending the order acknowledgement mail. 

3.2 Prices quoted in the order acknowledgement are binding, subject to the proviso in item 3.1

3.3 Payments shall be made choosing one of the payment methods available on the website or cash when collecting the product. All payments for all orders must be made by the customer according to the payment method chosen by the customer. 

3.4 The prices shall be in EURO and are clearly quoted on the website. The posted prices are inclusive of VAT and exclusive of delivery. All offers made on the website or in commercials are subject to change without notice. Offers are only valid while supplies last during the specified time period. 

3.5 Bumperworld reserves the right to insist on advance payment of the entire amount or a down payment, before delivering the products ordered or processing the order.

4 Collecting products at Bumperworld

4.1 The customer can order the products offered by Bumperworld at the website and inspect and collect them at an agreed time at Bumperworld. The customer must pay cash or pay in advance with one of the payment methods offered on the website. Products are collected free of deliverycosts.

4.2 Orders shall be kept by us for a maximum of one month from the date of ordering. After the end of this period the customer is no longer entitled to the order. Bumperworld reserves the right to deviate from this rule under special circumstances. 

4.3 Products can be collected upon an agreed time. 

4.4 At the moment of collecting payments are already made or are to be made in cash. The customer is obliged to pay the purchase price as agreed upon in the acknowledgement mail, even when the products are not collected.

5 Home deliveries of ordered products

5.1 Home deliveries of ordered products are possible in the countries as mentioned on the website. Deliveries for Bumperworld are carried out by DPD or DHL parcel service. 

5.2 You can find the deliverycosts on the website by choosing your country.

5.3 Unless otherwise indicated, Bumperworld shall bear the risk of the ordered products of the customer during transportation. The risk shall pass on to the customer, at the moment that can reasonably be considered as the moment of delivery.

5.4 The ordered products can be delivered at the customers home address or another indicated address. The delivery address is the address indicated by Bumperworld in the acknowledgement mail.

6. Return and Warranty

6.1 After the customer has received the ordered products, he/she shall be entitled to terminate the underlying agreement within 7 working days after receipt without stating reasons. 
Termination shall only be possible for products that are not specifically ordered or produced.

6.2 If the customer wishes to terminate the agreement based on the proviso in item 6.1, the customer should inform Bumperworld by phone or by email. The customer must return the products in original packaging, well protected with package material to Bumperworld in Sevenum. The customer shall bear the return costs itself. 

6.3 If the customer has already payed, at the moment he/she has withdrew the agreement with Bumperworld, Bumperworld shall return these payments to the customer within 14 days after receiving the returned products. 

6.4 If a product returned to Bumperworld is damaged caused by the acting or failing to act of the customer or otherwise at the customers risk, Bumperworld reserves the right to refuse to take back the product or to withhold costs of the depreciation of the product caused by the damage to the customer in paying back the amount.

7 Complaints

7.1 Complaints about ordered products should be made to Bumperworld by phone or by email. Bumperworld shall respond to the complaint by phone or by email within several working days.

8 Other

8.1 These General Terms and Conditions shall be placed at the customer’s disposal before closing the agreement on the website. The customer is responsible for saving and printing the General Terms and Conditions and the Agreement. 

8.2 Bumperworld strives to keep the information on the website as accurate, complete and clear as possible. However, products can somewhat differ from the pictures on the website.

8.3 Bumperworld shall treat your personal data with confidentiality and shall not give them to thirds. see privacy statement.

9 Liability and Damage

9.1 Bumperworld shall never be liable for direct or indirect damage of the customer or thirds (hereby included ensuing damage, lost profit, loss of data and immaterial damage), in connection with or resulting from the agreement or the use or consumption of the products. Without prejudice to what is determined elsewhere in the agreement, the liability of Bumperworld towards the customer, for any reason whatsoever, shall be limited to the purchase amount of the product concerned per event (a series of events also counts as one event).

9.2 Bumperworld shall not be liable for the non- or malfunctioning of the website, the telecommunications infrastructure and/or defaults in communication or possible consequences thereof. 

9.3 Bumperworld and/or customer are not obliged to other obligations other than the obligation of payment, if they are not able to meet them due to force majeure. With force majeure inefficient shortcomings of thirds or deliverers are meant, as well as every situation that Bumperworld and/or the customer can’t (effectively) control.

10 Final Provision

The entire contractual relationship is exclusively subject to the laws of the Netherlands to the exclusion of the Vienna Sales Convention.