Chrome bumpers: restore or reproduce?

Chrome bumpers: restore or reproduce?

When original bumpers are no longer available, Bumperworld can help to make a reproduction of polished stainless steel (SS). New molds and new bumpers can be made on the basis of an original bumper. In this article we would like to tell you more about the possibilities and our working method.

Do we repair or restore your old bumpers?

To be clear: we do not repair or chrome old bumpers, but produce completely new bumpers from stainless steel. In our opinion, this is the only and perfect alternative to chrome plating. Sometimes repairing and chrome plating is no longer possible if the original bumpers are too bad, dented, rusted through, or the material is too thin.

Production of new stainless steel bumpers: how does this work?

Bumperworld is happy to help with the production of new stainless steel polished bumpers. Good original bumpers are of course a must for this: for making new molds and for quality control. How do we proceed?

Step 1: Inventory

First check our website to see if the brand / type of bumper is already produced and in stock. Photos and prices are also listed here. Is your brand or type of bumper not listed? Please contact us, preferably via Let us know for which brand and type of car bumpers are desired. It is important for us to know whether the desired bumpers are suitable for several models (for example, the bumpers of a Mercedes W111 coupé also fit the Mercedes W111 cabrio). The original number of cars produced (or the number of remaining cars) is also important for us to know.

It is important to mention that the original bumpers to be supplied are used for making new molds and for quality control. For this reason, customers do not get their supplied bumpers back.

BMW 503 bumpers 1.jpg

BMW bumpers reproduced in stainless steel.

Depending on the expected demand, existing supply, value of the car and the complexity of production, it is determined whether this is technically and commercially feasible for us.

Step 2: Collect photos and dimensions

When we decide that there is a high chance of success, the inventory is continued. We can only start production if complete bumper sets can be supplied. Before that, we need clear photos of the original bumper:

  • Front of the bumper
  • Back of the bumpers
  • Placement of the bumper supports
  • If used: over-riders

It is important that the shape and point-to-point size are correct and representative of the type of car. The bumpers, and the car they come from, must not have had any serious damage. The bumpers must be mounted tension-free so that the bumpers will also fit on other cars without problems in future production. For the new production we need good original and damage-free bumpers to be able to make new molds. Bad chrome, rust and small dents are no problem. Next, a price indication for production will follow.


Step 3: First production

If everything is clear, the bumper will be taken into production. After mounting the bumpers we expect clear feedback on this first set of bumpers. This way we know for sure that the bumpers will fit perfectly before a larger series is made.

Step 4: A new stainless steel bumper is born

Stainless steel, hand polished to a perfect chrome shine and ready for a long life! By careful producing the new stainless steel bumpers, many beautiful classics and their owners are made happy. Sometimes bumpers were no longer available for years. In this way, we honor our mobile heritage for the future.

Extra option: custom bumpers

The more exclusive hand-built cars such as some models from Aston Martin, Lancia and Maserati require customization for a perfect fit. Because these cars are built by hand, there are always small differences in the dimensions of the body. For this we offer customization with regard to the desired point-to-point size. In this way, a perfectly fitting bumper is also available for unique, hand-built cars. When mounting the bumpers on the car, stainless steel polished bumpers also offer some room / possibility for minor adjustments. The stainless steel can be locally ground away without risk of damage and flaking (as is the case with chrome). A uniquely fitting result for a unique body!


We know our products, like clear communication and always contact you personally to discuss your wishes.


Since many chrome bumpers are too bad to re-chrome or are no longer originally available, we like to think in solutions. In this article, the possibilities for reproduction of stainless steel bumpers and customization are discussed. It is possible to start a new production or to supply unique tailor-made bumpers for hand-built cars. We're happy to keep these classics on the road!